John Douglas (of Trashcan Sinatras) and Lily Vakili of Vakili Band

Fri, Oct 11

John Douglas (of Trashcan Sinatras) and Lily Vakili of Vakili Band Cover

Advance Tickets: $20 Main Floor Seating, $30 Premium Balcony Day of Show Tickets: $25 Showtime: 8pm First Seating: 6pm John Douglas Bio Following up from a busy and successful year of music prowess, involving the reissue and UK Top-40 charting of Trashcan Sinatras' debut album 'Cake', 33 years since its original release, John Douglas has stepped into the center stage, releasing his debut solo album supported by a run of concerts around the UK and North America. One of Scotland’s finest songwriters, and a founding member of Trashcan Sinatras, Douglas has opened a new chapter in his life with the release of his eponymous debut album, via Reveal Records. Presenting an intimate snapshot of the talent, charisma and depth of this celebrated songsmith. The album was recorded live at Kyoti Studio in Glasgow with producer Mark Freegard (New Model Army, Lush, The Breeders, Del Amitri, Marillion). Featuring original material and new recordings of John's favourite Trashcan Sinatras' catalogue, and his own rendition of the Prefab Sprout classic ‘We Let The Stars Go’, this album reflects the genuineness of Douglas' music, also demonstrated in recent live peformance videos for 'Lost', 'I'm Not The Fella' and 'Always', plus Trashcan Sinatras' classics 'Oranges & Apples', 'Leave Me Alone' and 'Weightlifting'. Performing as a solo artist and also as part of his partner Eddi Reader’s band, John has been on the road a lot lately in the UK and Ireland, having also performed with friends like Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Jill Jackson, Withered Hand and James Grant (Love & Money) and Martin McAloon (Prefab Sprout). John’s decades of music as a vital member of Trashcan Sinatras, and now also a solo performer are based around an unwavering love for stories, for creating moments, and diving into a need for human connection that only happens through the power of songs. From living room shows, to clubs and small theatres, from festivals, to large events, you will always find John connecting with his fans, old and new, and making a difference with his music. Keep up with John Douglas // // LILY VAKILI BIO It might seem the most mundane detail in an artist’s profile is where they were born, but in the case of genre-transcendent singer/songwriter, Lily Vakili, it’s the best place to capture the start of a wild, expansive life journey. “I was born in Honduras during a military coup,” says the New Jersey-based artist, “At the hospital, my father made his way around injured soldiers to welcome me to the world. He says that set the stage for everything else in my life.” An early career in theater segued into a second career as a biotech lawyer. The third act – a return to creative life – emerged while raising her three children, one with profound developmental disabilities, and during her mother’s decline into Alzheimer’s. Poems written throughout her life began to come together as songs accompanied by the musical explorations of a self-taught guitar player. Lily’s music is described by Relix Magazine as “upp[ing] the emotional and political ante with … punchy tunes, delivered from a strong female perspective” and Postcard Elba says “The Patti Smith Group vibe is strong … both in the straight ahead rock n’ roll fire and passionate street poet vibes, and we’ll take that over ironic detachment … any day of the week.” Ink 19 adds “Vakili’s voice — yes, it is honey, in a cool glass of whiskey on the hottest night you remember…” Lily launched her recording career as a solo artist with two albums Lake City/Next 3 Exits and Meadowlands, before forming the five-member Vakili Band. The Vakili Band collaboration produced three studio albums, Oh Alright, Walking Sideways, and 2023’s Honey. Described by Under the Radar as "an electric blend of Rock, Soul & Psychedelia...", the Honey album exemplifies the collaborative bacchanalia of Lily’s band, having honed their distinctive sound in the studio as well as on tour up and down the East Coast. “Returning to the stage as a solo artist feels like coming full circle as well as an artistic metamorphosis” - Lily says - “I’m reminded of my beautiful mother’s words and the moment of my liberation as a creative person: ‘What is stopping you? No one else will do it for you’.”