Rise Up Reggae Festival w/ Socaholix / INTL Reggae All-Stars, Innocent

Sat, Aug 03

Rise Up Reggae Festival w/ Socaholix / INTL Reggae All-Stars, Innocent Cover

6pm Doors 7pm Showtime $40 for music plus 2 free drinks! Featuring Indeed Brewery, Wikid Cannabis, Faraday Rums & Hornitos Tequila. The Midwest’s premier reggae band for more than 20 years, The International Reggae All Stars are truly a global band with members hailing from Venezuela to Trinidad to Ghana to Jamaica. These musicians play reggae, dancehall and Bob Marley classics, while bringing peace, love and positive vibrations with them wherever they go. Socaholix, a high-energy Caribbean dance band has been gracing stages throughout Minnesota since 2010. Comprised of members from Africa, the Caribbean and the USA, the magical musicianship creates an energy that is both unique and infectious. From the first beat of the drum, the audience is drawn in and within moments, the dance floor is full. Whether a reminder of your Caribbean cruise or simply the hypnotic rhythms the band, it instantly appeals to audiences of all ages. With no other soca (soul + calypso) bands in the area, the Socaholix find themselves in demand for community events, festivals, private events, corporate events and local bars. From the driving rhythms of the drum and bass, to the intricate guitar lines, the Socaholix sound is both complex and compelling. It wasn’t long after they began performing as a group that they were featured on St. Paul based Twin Cities Public Television’s (TPT -Channel 2) MN Originals series. The band was profiled and two of their original songs were filmed. To view either song, click on the following links: “Jump” and “Wave Something”. Who is Innocent? A man, a musician, and a mover. He was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa, making music with many African Bands, but it was when he heard Bob Marley's Album, KAYA, that he realized his fate: Reggae. The powerful message Marley made with music inspired Innocent to do the same. Innocent moved to the US in 1989 and formed the group Les Exodus. Having produced over five albums, including a solo CD, Innocent has traveled the United States, opening for famous acts, and spreading the joy of Reggae. Continuing the fight for freedom, Innocent performs his songs in English and Swahili. Packed with thought-provoking lyrics, cool guitar, and captivating stage presence, Innocent puts up quite an exhilarating show. His message is real and authentic, with references to repressive governments, fraudulent officials, and hungry children.